Finding a range of Premium Tea Brands in Singapore?

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Tea has been the all time favorite beverage of people since 270 BCE, when it was considered as the medicinal drink and used to treat ailments like sore throat, cough and fever. At around 3rd century people started to love tea and made it an everyday beverage. It is said that Shang Dynasty in China invented tea, accidentally, which then became something revolutionary at that time. Some of the tea have immense health benefits like they are carcinogenic, anti microbial and anti-anxiety. Some also promote healthy weight loss. Their flavonoids help in heart health. The scientific name of the tea plant Camellia sinensis is the main tea from which green tea, black tea and white tea are produced. They have the best anti radical treatment to our bodies. With immense health benefits, green tea and black tea are also popular for their taste. People love their taste and enjoy them many times during the day. With Grocer, you can have some of the best green tea and black tea premium tea brands. Nowadays, with increasing health conscious trend, people also love to have herbal tea as their everyday beverage. Like ginkgo biloba, hibiscus, jasmine, rosehip, mint, chamomile etcetera, we have the best range of premium tea available for you. Since we all know the health benefits of tea and consume it for that or for the taste, but there are certain harmful elements which might be present in low quality tea. Grocer, is committed to provide you the premium tea brands which ensure that their tea blends are free from senna, aloe, buckthorn and other plant derived laxatives. Also , certain supplements like comfrey,ephedra, willoe bard are not approved by health authorities and hence our premium tea does not contain such elements. Also the process of plucking, withering, disruption, oxidation, fixation, sweltering, rolling, sorting and then packaging is done with expertise in our supplier factories, so that you get the best taste always with whole health benefits. The split of packaging is also great with Grocer, with a range starting from tea bag, tea pouch to tea jars. You can rely on Grocer for the best quality.