Oil & Ghee

Best cooking oil and ghee in Singapore

What everyone needs to cook is oil or ghee. We all want good quality oil and ghee for our daily cuisines. To order your go to Gee from grocer. Grocer has the trusted brands of oil and ghee manufacturers. We are the online market of cooking oil in Singapore and ghee in Singapore. So if you are looking for the solution to have the best of oils and ghee for your household, you are at the right spot. 

Grocer deals with brands which provide the best quality vegetable oils, a healthy source of fats. We do not sell hydrogenated vegetable oils which could be unhealthy. Our manufacturers give us the oil that is produced from organic vegetables, nuts, plants or seeds. They are carefully crushed in a way that their nutritional index is not compromised. Some of them require a chemical process to extract the oil out of them but since we have the best cooking oil in Singapore and best ghee in Singapore, we go through the best of the procedures to do that. Next, we make sure that refining of oil is performed efficiently such that chemical elements do not remain in the oil and the soapy texture is removed. After that the oil is deodorized to high temperatures so that free fatty acids and other particles are removed and oils are ready for use. Oil is one of the ingredients our body requires for proper functioning and it would be great if the oil we use is healthy enough and does not contribute to health risks.

When it comes to ghee in Singapore, people are moving towards using ghee which is high in mono-saturated omega -3s. They contribute to better heart and cardiovascular health. Being good in fats, ghee provides with the boost in energy levels. Ghee is also used in Ayurveda for treatment of certain diseases. Ghee has the butyric acid which helps to improve the health of our intestinal walls. Having ghee everyday helps you to improve your skin and hair health as well, as it is rich in fats and plays a role in absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Consumption of ghee also helps in treating metabolic issues and thus can be used as a natural weight loss ingredient which is actually a fat. So people do not think much, order ghee in Singapore from us and also best cooking oil in Singapore from Grocer- It is your market.