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Spices and herbs in Singapore

Do you believe in treating yourself through herbs and spices? Do you use spices and herbs in cooking? Do you like to have them whole and utilize them your way? This is the right place where you get all the herbs and spices with ease at Grocer SuperMarket. Herbs and Spice are the best way to add flavor to any dish without adding sugar or salt, they can also give our dishes pretty colors to make them look attractive. Herbs can help us prevent heart diseases and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, studies have shown them as anti-carcinogenic too. We can add herbs to our stew, soup, bread,salad, stock, vinegars, yogurt, custard, dessert, drinks and what not. Mint tastes great when used in drinks, confectionery, meat, chicken, yogurt, desserts, sauces, vegetable dishes. Dill tastes amazing when used in  - salads, sauces, fish, sour cream, cheese and potato dishes. Basil in pesto, tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato juice, potato dishes, prawns, meat, chicken and poultry, pasta, rice, egg dishes, strawberries and bay leaves in soups, stews, casseroles, meat and poultry marinades, stocks.  There are thousands of herbs which have both taste and medicinal properties. Same is the case with spice, they have numerous benefits to our health. 

Since the world is going back to de-urbanization and people are going organic again, they are also switching to most natural ways of having nutrition and treating their diseases. There is now sufficient evidence that spice and herbs have positive impacts on certain medical conditions. They can be a source of prevention to many diseases and can also affect our mental health by influencing positivity in our moods. Clove. Rosemary,sage and others have phenolic compounds which are a source of antioxidants which helps in our skin health. Ancient Greeks have been using spice and herbs for their healing purpose, which they consider as holistic remedies even today. Although they might not be used as the instant relief to certain ailments but can be used to mitigate the symptoms of certain incurable diseases. Like ginger can be used as an antiemetic and turmeric to reduce oxidative stress. Cumin as anti diabetic and peppermint to improve pulmonary diseases. Cinnamon as anti diabetic and weight loss remedy and cardamom as anti colic. There are numerous uncountable and unbelievable benefits of spice and herbs too, you can get them all at Grocer. Just go to our website and order your favorite ones.