Frozen Naan & Paratha

Get the best frozen naan and paratha in Singapore

Short of time? Love desi naan and paratha? Worried about satisfying your taste buds? Hurry up and get frozen paratha, frozen naan in Singapore just a click away. Grocer provides you the best quality naans and parathas at your doorstep, you just have to go to our online superstore and order the one you like. We have an extensive range of frozen naan and frozen parathas.

Naan and paratha are amongst one of the ways our mothers use to express their love. When we come home tired and hungry, the aroma of freshly cooked naan and paratha make our cravings outburst. But even our mothers are sometimes busy and can not get into the hectic routine of preparing dough for naan and paratha. Grocer can be a solution to this where you get your favorite naan and paratha in Singapore without troubling your mothers. Today, we have grown up and we live away from our parents, but still remember how we used to go home and eat our traditional, cooked with love paratha and naan at home. Sometimes, we are nostalgic about food we have eaten our whole life and then come to the part that our busy schedule hinders us from preparing and eating. We have frozen paratha in Singapore and frozen naan, so that you do not feel nostalgic and stay happy in Singapore. 

When it comes to eating naan and paratha, we prefer eating the ones which are similar to the taste we have lived for since we were kids. We have memories with our food and we connect to that so well that we feel bad if our taste is not satisfied by some low quality product. Grocer understands your connection with food very well, that is why we have the best naans in Singapore. We have the best parathas in Singapore to make you feel like home every time. Our products are best in quality, we cater to the health as well as emotional needs of our customers. So whatever you demand, you are going to get at market price but with convenience and love. 

So all naan and paratha lovers, go to our website and order what you desire i.e. best naan and best paratha in Singapore. Also, if you want other variations like keema   naan, garlic naan, lachha paratha etcetera, we have an extensive range of naan and paratha, which you would love and crave more.