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In search of batteries in Singapore

Are you looking for batteries in Singapore? Do you rely on a portable powerhouse of energy for your items? Is it difficult for you to go out every time you want them? The solution is right here, just visit our online grocery shop..

Batteries in Singapore are very high demand, we all need them for our appliances, wall clocks, kids toys and many many more items. The ideal battery is the one which runs for long, is environmentally friendly and is cost effective too. But there are some other factors too, which you should consider like they must not contain mercury or cadmium, which are highly toxic for the environment. Once you read the description you are going to know that for sure. Another is that they should be lead free. Another thing is about the protection of battery itself. A good battery must not leak, it should have an insulated system in it which prevents it from leaking. A battery must also work the same in extreme temperatures, whether it is heat wave or very hot climate, it must not affect battery’s working. One of the most important factor you should consider while purchasing a battery is that, it must have expansion proof seal. This makes sure that our appliances, toys or whatever things we are using battery in are safe from the leakage if it expand. The batteries with a shelf life of more years are more preferable because they will be needed less in quantity. Also, AA batteries are better as they do not have harmful compounds like cadmium ,lead and mercury. Some of us are not familiar with what the alphabets on the batteries represent. The AAA,AA,C and D on the battery represent the size of the battery, where D represents the biggest and AAA smallest. Although there is a whole chemistry when we are talking about the batteries in choosing them, but simply we could just read the product description and find out many of the things which could be the deciding factor to buy one. At Grocer, we are committed to provide the best quality products and for that purpose we have world’s long lasting AA batteries. We also believe in corporate social responsibility and that is why we try to promote products that are harmless for the environment. With our brand supplier we are committed to provide the stake to the customers, which ensures that the end user is not affected by the brand in a negative way.