Want to experience the best dishwashing liquid in Singapore?

Whatever you eat, whatever you drink, whatever you cook, whatever you pour, what is left behind is the dishes to be washed. People find it tiresome, as you might have seen ads and campaigns, even movies where couples or people living together talk most about washing dishes, or distributing days when they have to take turns to wash dishes. This makes us realize that washing dishes is a WORK! So, in order to solve this everyday problem, we need dishwashing liquid and dishwashing detergent. Grocer, offer you the best dishwashing liquid in Singapore.

Have you ever thought about why we need dishwashing liquid and dishwashing detergents? Relax, there is nothing like rocket science in this, the answer is simple. We need them to clean the dishes! But, the problem is which one is better. Every company claims to be the best in cleaning dishes, some claim to be tech-savvy, others claim to be price competitive. All detergents are amphiphilic, they absorb oils in water. So pretty much all detergents are the same but the idea here is to use the best. At Grocer, we aim to provide the best quality of every item available and therefore when it comes to dishwashing, we have the range of products that are safe for your hands and deadly for the bacteria. You can say that we offer brands that are biologically safe, they are made from naturally occurring enzymes which are also found in our gut, which is the reason they help to dissolve food better and keep utensils stain free for a longer period of time. Mostly protease and amylase are used in the dishwashing detergents which helps to break down starch and protein simultaneously. This happens as enzymes are the compounds which speed up the process of digestion and adding them to dishwashing liquids help them work faster. Some of the dishwashers still use phosphates to target the stains which is non friendly to our ecosystem as it gets accumulated in rivers and other water bodies, whereas, when using enzymes it breaks down and is then eaten by common bacteria and is completely finished. Also, enzymes are cost effective, as they act as a catalyst while other chemicals just act as harsh bleaching agents. At first people did not know about that and they used to think that chemicals are better rather than enzymes but now it is proven that enzyme based dishwashing liquids are safer. To buy the best dishwashing liquid in Singapore, you just have to visit us.