Organic Tea, Spices & Sauces

Just name it: Organic tea, Organic sauces or Organic spices in Singapore

At Grocer our commitment to build the community with authentic products and continuous effort to provide the best of customer satisfaction are always there. With that in mind we are introducing the best organic tea in Singapore, organic sauces and the best organic spices in Singapore at Grocer Online Store.

We love to bring you the best blends of organic tea available from different brands. These organic tea are the most sapid ones you will love to enjoy everyday. Since tea is one the beverage we offer to our guests, you will feel proud to serve organic tea, with its benefits intact. We have the tea coming from traditional cultivars thus keeping the taste of origin as it is. Organic tea has the most flavor, which is not damaged by the commercial scaling. Through machinery process leaves are usually broken which affects the taste too. Organic is the only way to drink tea, as there is a reason that some commercial graded tea can contain traces of chemicals which are unavoidable during the process of Similarly, organic spices in Singapore are gaining importance due to the fact that they are healthier for body and for earth too. With their anti-oxidative properties they eliminate the free radicals. They also have a great influence in increasing the metabolism. Also, they provide us with digestive enzymes to promote healthy absorption. Inorganic spices can be harmful for our health as they are sterilized before packing by fumigation and irradiation. By fumigation harmful bacteria and microbes are killed but chemicals used for the process might affect human body. However, in organic farming methods like steaming are used for the purpose of sterilization. Also, certain compounds are added to the powdered spices to prevent lumps, which might affect the human health. When you decide to go organic in all ways, you also choose organic sauces to make sure that you are eating something that is free from pesticides, additives and other chemical treatments. Also, it is not very common to find organic sauces at your doorstep just like that. Grocer, is obliged to provide you what is best for you. Organic sauces have uncountable benefits to us but the disadvantages of eating inorganic ones are also too much. The majority of them have high sodium content which might trigger the blood pressure and lead to heart diseases. This is one of the most rising situations in today’s world which is increasing due to the increase in use of processed food. Now is the time to change and order your organic from Grocer.