Fresh Meat

Meaty Meat delivered fresh in Singapore

If you are a meat lover and put your effort into cooking delicious meat, then you are on the right track. We have the most amazing and wide range of meat cuts performed with professional instruments and professionals themselves. We have the most developed supply chain system for the delivery of meat, through which the quality and sustainability of meat stay intact. Our motto is simple, we are and will be the fresh meat delivery spot of Singapore.

Also, our meat is Halal and is cut through proper procedures and conduct. We cut the well fed and healthy animals so that the taste is not compromised. The true flavors and the health benefits of meat can only be fully enjoyed when the health and quality of animals is monitored continuously. With many loyal customers we have become the entrusted beef delivery system in Singapore. Our cuts are especially for the purpose of absorbing full flavors the recipe requires. Also, the ease you get when fresh meat is delivered to your home is divine.

So, what are you waiting for?  Stop wasting your time in grocery, simply go to Grocer: It’s your market. Cutting meat is of great importance when it comes to specialized cooking . For example if you want a steak it is really important to get the right cut  of the right meat and if you do not have that your taste would suffer. Similarly when it comes to traditional cuisines just like Beef Karahi, there is a need to cut the chicken from some parts and if using beef or mutton then there is a need to get other parts. Only the specialists could cut the appropriate meat so that the taste does not get compromised. But! Now you can get the professional cuts just a click away from Grocer Supermarket in price just the same as market, delivered in Singapore.

Also, when it comes to quality of meat there are certain supplements given to animals which might not be healthy for them as well as us in the long run. Such chemicals could turn out to be carcinogenic or might have long term mutation effects on humans. Also the half life of certain elements added to their food which when get absorbed into the meat is too long which might create health issues in humans.   So, if you want to get healthy and halal meat in Singapore, just don’t worry and contact us for delivery of meat.