Aachi Masala


Can you find Aachi Masala in Singapore?

The answer is Yes. Grocer provides you the most famous Aachi Masala range on Grocer Store.  So go and grab yours.  Aachi Masala in Singapore is not easy to find but we have this problem solved for you, you can order your Aachi masala from our website with convenience. It is not always common to find a special recipe mix which satisfies our taste in Singapore where we look for dishes from our origin, but at Grocer, we understand your needs and desires and thus try to fulfill them most. 

When you say Aachi Masala in Singapore, you look for the taste of your grandmother in Singapore. This might bring tears in some people’s eyes because it is a fact that we love our mothers most. Our roots are connected to our home where we have grown up eating the food prepared by our grand mothers and mothers. Aachi masala has kept the tradition alive by sharing the recipes of different grandmothers to the generation. Infact, Aachi means grandmother in Tamil language. People have loved the Aachi masala in India due to its brand identity which is’ the mother’s love’. With its wide range it is present in every household in India but people love it in Singapore too. All those who love south Indian food prefer to buy Aachi masala for the daily taste of their food. Grocer has Aachi in its list because we are the sellers of best quality products and Aachi is one of the kind. With its strong resources, excellent quality and global level standardization Aachi has a high customer retention rate. Adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices:
-Adherence to strict personal hygiene practices
-Validated Cleaning and Disinfection procedures
-Process Control systems through HACCP
-Farm-to-plate tracking of food through traceability coding
-Control of potent micro-organisms through pest proof manufacturing facilities. In Singapore, Aachi masala has a market. People find Aachi Masala and do not get them easily but through Grocer, this problem can be easily solved as we provide the best masala you need for your convenience. Bachelors, who live in Singapore and miss their ancestral taste have a very emotional relationship with Aachi Masala as they miss the taste of their mothers hand most and when they try to cook the same recipe they do not get it right. So, bachelors! We are with you, we want you to be our customer and enjoy the taste you have been eating since childhood.