Shan Masala

Looking for Shan Masala?

Yes, we all need some masala to bring out the best taste in our food. Today, we do not have time to sit, grind, blend and then cook. We are too busy and look for options that work out best with us. Grocer provide you the best of Shan masala range at your doorstep, just go to Grocer Supermarket. When it comes to traditional Pakistani cooking, nobody matches the flavor of shan masala, with its balanced taste and flavor, everybody has gone crazy and loves to add it to every dish they want to eat. shan masala has an extensive range of masalas in their list. From Shan tandoori masala to Shaan biryani masala, they excel in making dishes supreme in taste and look. Being a market in leader in Pakistan, Shan can be the choice of consumers in Singapore too. 

The wide range of shan masala includes, karahi masala, kabab masala, tikka masala, shan biryani masala, shan tandoori masala and many many more. We also have ginger and garlic paste from shan to make your cuisine easy. If your appetite is not not fulfilled, there is a need to try rich and aromatic flavors of shan foods from Grocer in Singapore. It has been difficult to match the authentic taste of recipes which are part of our culture and we crave for those recipes, which have been evolved  through modernization and value addition to the products but shan masala has maintained the legacy to maintain taste by their research and continuous efforts. If you want to rejoice in the flavors of those traditional recipes, just order your shan masala from Grocer. Our supplier shan has maintained the quality through proper methods of cleaning the spice which hinders the growth of bacteria, because it is important to dry the spice so that water completely evaporates. Next process is roasting, which further helps to eliminate the water content and makes the spice more aromatic and crisp. After that, pulverizing takes place which gives customers the powdered form of masala for their ease. Then, grading of spice takes place to monitor if the process has taken place correctly. Then, sieving takes place to check the homogeneity of the powder. After trying hard on masala, shan packaging is also best in its kind which provides the antibacterial material and air lock barriers so that the moisture does not affect the freshness of the masala. Hands down to shan masala mix for their taste and quality.