Salt, Sugar & Jaggery

Best variety of salt and jaggery in Singapore

Are you looking for a variety of salt in Singapore? Don’t you get the good jaggery in Singapore? Are you looking for sugar supplier in Singapore? All your questions can be answered on Grocer Online Store.  Salt is the condiment required by everyone in the world. We have developed the taste of salt since our inception and it is difficult to fully enjoy our meals without it. Also, the benefits of salt are not hidden when taken in moderation. Although we consume salt to enhance the taste but there are certain unmatchable benefits one can not deny. Salt is mainly obtained from either sea or under ground where it crystallize. One of the most important issues in the iodine deficiency in children which makes their thyroid underworked, salt provides them with the most of their iodine. At Grocer you will find the iodized salts very easily. It is important for the body to stay hydrated and maintain the electrolyte balance, salt helps to balance both and hence keep the organs going well. Inadequate levels of electrolyte in body results in fatigue and dizziness, thus it is important to consume salts a bit daily. Sodium, which is a constituent of every salt if not taken in sufficient amount may cause hypotension, making us feel low and lethargic. People on some diet need to boost up their salt intake to maintain the electrolyte balance efficiently, for example, in the process of ketosis people tend to lose more of salts and therefore need to take salt more. Grocer, provides you the variety of salts prepared organically by our manufacturers to give you the best of salt benefits.

With a vast range of salt in Singapore, we are the sugar supplier in Singapore and also the authentic sellers of jaggery in Singapore. Jaggery is often referred to as the super sugar, due to its health benefits. Commonly made from sugar cane but sometimes from date palm too. Jaggery is considered healthier due to its molasses content which is usually removed when sugar is refined. Jaggery can be a sweetener which is more nutritious than sugar as it does not contain empty calories, but some of the nutrients like zinc, vitamin b and molasses makes it a better substitute for refined sugar. It can also be used in different forms and can be very versatile while baking, cooking and using in shakes, juices and as sprinklers. Grocer, provides you with an extensive range of supreme quality sugar, jaggery and salt. Go and checkout!