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Looking for some credible place to get organic rice in Singapore? Do you love natural organic brown rice or organic white rice? There is no need to be worried, you can get what you want at Grocer Online Supermarket.

Rice is one of the most popular food staple and people love to eat them every now and then with different side dishes, fixings and condiments. The aroma and filling nature of rice makes it the most favorite food of the world. Whether served with lots of spice or with just few seasonings, they taste great. But, the question is what if they are healthy or not? Of Course, they are healthy but when they are organic they are very close to being healthiest. Organic is the new healthy way of living nowadays, people are more concerned about their health. On the contrary, people are concerned about the environmental changes which are the result of their life choices. To cater to the needs of these people Grocer has  an extensive range of natural organic brown rice, organic white rice and all types of organic rice in Singapore. Since organic rice are less exposed to harmful chemicals they are the source of whole nutrients. They retain the maximum fiber hence providing more to consume. Growing organic also makes sure that there is less carbon footprint, water is conserved and less agri chemicals are used. The use of arsenic based pesticides in the soil makes the presence of it in the rice plants but not rice, instead the quality of a rice to absorb nutrients is hindered by arsenic. Also, arsenic based fertilizers used by conventional rice plantation accumulate in the environment for a longer period of time. Organic rice is rich in many substances like selenium,manganese, magnesium and potassium which promotes weight loss. Low glycemic index of brown rice helps in maintaining the insulin spikes. Being rich in manganese rice can be a good source to control cholesterol. Organic rice can prevent oxidative stress since they are rich in antioxidants. So, what is your dish today for lunch or dinner? Whatever it is, compliment it with our high quality organic rice to increase the nutritional value of your food and to promote the environmental friendly approach. Also, if you want to buy other organic grains, we have them all just a click away from you. It's time to go organic with Grocer and be a friend to you  and the environment.