Namkeen, Khakhra & Pappad

Addicted to Namkeen, Khakhra & Pappad?

When it comes to eating namkeen, khakhra &papad we cannot stop our mouths from water. The crunchy and cracky taste of namkeen, khakhara and papad make our tongues yearn for them. So why not order them now from Grocer.

Consumers are the biggest connoisseur when it comes to taste. At Grocer we believe that end user is the best analyst of the products and we do not need to have mavens on the board with us. With our sales and feedback from our customers, we can surely say that we carry the best namkeen, khakhra &papad brands in Singapore. To keep in track the food chain the greatest responsibility lies on the seller as the quality of the product has to be checked continuously. Namkeen, khakhra & papad are the delights of traditional snacks. Asians prefer to have these with tea and coffee in the evening. They are also used in salads and chaats to give a kick to the taste. The brands we sell have the most advanced machines which makes the process highly hygienic and sterilized. We offer the most delicately carved namkeens to you doorstep with ease so that you do not miss the taste of sev,poha and khatta meetha namkeen. Our Punjabi khakhra, methi khakhra, gujarati khakhra are the one of their kind and are the most delectable treat you could give to yourself. With satisfaction to your tummy you can be most content people of the world. The papad brands we have also offer the best taste ever of crunchy papad made from fresh cumin and herbs giving the best aromatic taste to keep your appetite convinced that you are eating the right thing. It is believed that nutritional information mentioned on the food packets does not meet the standards and is written to persuade the customers to have them at the risk of their health. Usually companies do not comply with Codex Alimentarius requirements to have specified amount of sodium in the namkeen, khakhra &papad but we have the brands which would never compromise on your health and will always be there to serve you the best. Our brands offer the best namkeen, khakhra and papad which are gluten free, since they are made from raw ingredients they do not carry harmful food contents. Our brands also comply with the packaging rules to maintain the standards of taste and freshness, so do not wait and order yours now!