Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Farm fresh frozen fruits and vegetables in Singapore

Are you tired of chopping, grating and peeling fruits and vegetables all year round? And still nobody commends you for the effort you put for this task? Do not worry more, there is a solution to this problem, check out our online store and get rid of the tiresome schedule of cutting and chopping vegetables all day long for a single meal. 

Nowadays, people are busy and get very less time for themselves. They prefer ready made things and food all the time. We can understand how difficult it becomes when it comes to eating healthy with the right taste. To solve your problem Grocer has come up with the frozen fruits in Singapore and frozen vegetables in Singapore. Today, people are health conscious but at the same time extremely busy eating healthy all the time, therefore they compromise their health due to lack of time. For such people we have come with the most nutritious idea that supports their routine and needs. Our frozen fruits and vegetables are grown in organic ways, cut when ripe and then processed in a way that nature of the fruits and vegetables is not compromised. Our purpose is to provide maximum nutrition with ease for our customers.

Grocer’s suppliers are our goodwill partners in providing value to customers. We provide best quality frozen fruits and vegetables in Singapore with a mission to keep nutritional values of the food intact. So whether you want to make delicious salads or fruity desserts, we are the one stop for you to get the desired products. The frozen fruits and frozen vegetables we sell are packed through IQF(individual quick freezing technology), which ensures that every particle of the fruit and vegetable is frozen at the same time to prevent decay. By doing so, the temperature is maintained to -14 degree Celsius, due to which 99 percent of the bacteria is killed without compromising the health benefits of the food. The process also increases the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables so that you get the desired taste and quality for a longer period of time. By doing so, you get the best value of money when spent on frozen fruits and vegetables in Singapore. 

So all those busy people, get your frozen fruits in Singapore and frozen vegetables in Singapore at Grocer, to value your time and money and leave the worries to us.